Raine Beau's End
With the talented screenwriter Jennifer Cooney, I'm working to compose a particular music texture for the film "Raine Beau's End" , that creates space and deep. (watch the trailer)

About the story:

When a prominent lesbian couple adopts a young boy named Beau in 1999, they are told that his unexpected and violent behavior is caused by an extra Y chromosome, a condition called 47,XYY. As they navigate the upbringing of their son, a bully by all accounts, in their small town, their hard-lined stance on acceptance is challenged to its core. How do you accept the unacceptable?

Playing my beautiful piano Yamaha C7 for a soundtrack.

APAP - 10-14 January 2020 -

I had great time in New York for the huge music expo!

Great music agencies and wonderful artists. And... Beautiful and pleasant encounters!


It was an amazing challenge! I composed the music for the show

" Ah... Liz!!!" The show's debut was on October 19 in Riga, Latvia.


According to Dace Pecolli, the mood and characters of the show have been inspired by Louis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" and "Alice in the Mirror", while the wonderful eccentric costumes for the show have been created by the great artist Elita Patmalniece. "The show's means of expression will be numbers of various original circus genres that will be involved in the theatrical story, inspired by the events described in both books and the filmmaker's interpretations of it (such as the Bunny Equilibrator's incredibly high jokes with hats, Alice 's acrobatic tricks in the keyhole, "live card house pyramid" (acrobatic tricks, etc.), live music by a human - orchestra, "Dace reveals.
The show will feature artists from the Americas, Italy, Ukraine and Russia, while the music will be composed by genius composer Enzo De Rosa from Canada. Special visual decorations will provide unconventionally shaped displays where video art landscapes will be projected using a 3D mapping system, and all visual video artwork has been designed by Pecolli himself.
"Theatrical scenery will be complemented by tailor-made scenery. Special effects such as a milk mist rug, colorful soap bubbles and other wonders will fill scenes in the Magic Garden, Tea Party, Queen's Palace. The show will be interactive with active audience participation," adding that the show was inspired by the highly successful "The Underwater bubble show" a few years ago, the prestigious Merlin Prize, and the 23-year-old world touring in 63 countries worldwide. "Thanks to these inspirational events, we have created a new show," Ah ... Liz, "which premieres in Latvia and is already awaited by countless theaters in many parts of the world." (link)

Ah Liz 2_edited.jpg
Carnival Magic
I've been working on music composition for a great amusement park in Thailand for a year. (visit->)

Another great challenge. I wrote a lot of music!! And also arranged and recorded. It was a funny experience because is the world's first Thai Carnival Theme Park in Thailand. I merged some typical Thai instruments with international music to be able to have a style that can be enjoyed by a large audience and that subtly refers to local tradition.

30 second of pure passion! The client asked me a deep impact music for this Ad. It was a hard search... But my instinct found the winner way!